The Innovators

Jörgen JohanssonJörgen Johnsson
Co-founder and Vice chairman of the board of P.U.L.S. AB, member of the board in Pulsetten AB (former DuoCort AB) and former member of the board in AcuCort AB. Member of P.U.L.S. investment committee. Innovator in multiple P.U.L.S. project companies including DuoCort AB.

Gudmundur JohannssonGudmundur Johannsson
Professor of Endocrinology, Institute of Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg University. Editor of the European Journal of Endocrinology, secretary of the Growth Hormone Research Society. Innovator and former board member of DuoCort Pharma AB.

Thomas HednerThomas Hedner
Professor in Clinical Pharmacology at the Department of Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg. Head of the Biomedical Entrepreneurship programme at the University of Gothenburg. Author of more than 400 scientific publications. Innovator in multiple P.U.L.S. project companies, including DuoCort AB.


Stanko Skrtic
Stanko SkrticAssociate professor in Clinical Pharmacology, currently Medical Science Director at AstraZeneca, Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disease. Innovator and former board member of DuoCort Pharma AB. (Currently not active or co-owner in AcuCort AB).

Hans LennernäsHans Lennernäs 
Professor of Biopharmaceutics at Uppsala University. Formerly Principal Investigator in a collaboration with the FDA, Univ of Michigan and the Swedish MPA Sweden regarding a new BCS guideline. Author of more than 180 publications and co-inventor behind more than 14 patents and several products, e.g., Rapinyl® , Plenadren® and Liproca Depot®. Board member in LIDDS AB and Recipharm Pharmaceutical Development AB. (Currently not active or co-owner in AcuCort AB).


The Board

Sten R. Sörensen, Chairman
Currently CEO and Board Director, Cereno Scientific AB, Executive Chairman, SARomics Biostructures AB, Chairman, Stayble Therapeutics AB and Partner, OHC Licensing. Seasoned professional with international experience in a variety of sectors including Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Finance, Renewable Energy and Management Consulting. Previous assignments include senior global positions at AstraZeneca and Monsanto/GD Searle.

Bengt-Åke BengtssonBengt-Åke Bengtsson, MD, PhD
Professor at the Institute of Internal Medicine at Gothenburg University. Former head Department of Internal Medicine. Co-founder of biotech companies Tercica Ca (USA) and Sahltech (Sweden). Member of P.U.L.S. investment committee and former board member of DuoCort Pharma AB.

Lennart BruceLennart Bruce, PhD
Former Senior Vice President Corporate Development at Biovitrum (Sweden) and Vice President Global Licensing at Pharmacia. Owner of Viken Pharma AB, member of P.U.L.S. investment committee and board member of several biotech companies.

Göran KvistGöran Kvist, MSc (Pharm)
Co-founder and CEO of QP Support AB and TQ Kvalitetskonsult AB, and a licensed Qualified Person with focus on quality systems and cGMP auditing Co-founder of Dilafor AB.

Pontus OttossonPontus Ottosson, MSc
Ottosson is CEO of P.U.L.S. AB since its operative start in 2003. Ottosson is M.Sc. from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and lieutenant in the Army reserve. He is also Chairman of the Board in Pulsetten AB (former DuoCort AB) and former chairman of DuoCort Pharma as well as former CEO of DuoCort.